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Uk Catalogue of Hang Gliders : Manufacturers of 1977 : Gliders Made by Wasp : Falcon 4

Falcon 4 Falcon 4

(made in 1977)

The Falcon 4 is for intermediate and advanced flyers, though it may also be suitable for the more promising novice. Due to the machine's large wing span and superior roll rate and pitch response it is not suitable for flyers with minimal experience.

One of the glider's greatest virtues is the low stall speed. In still air it can be launched in a few strides and flown extremely slowly. Top landings in light winds are remarkably easy as the wing can be held on the stall in complete safety. Top landings are also assisted by its excellent stability which allows it to absorb turbulence. The stall is well indicated by definite mushing and is easily corrected even before the nose begins to fall away. The glide angle and sink rate are exceptional and therefore the pilot must make allowances against overshooting the landing area. In summary, the Falcon 4 is an outstanding competition machine due to its slow flying capabilities,parachuting qualities, high L/D and low sink rate.

Performance for the Falcon 4 is a glide angle of 8:1 at 20 mph and a sink rate of 3 ft 6 in per sec at 14 mph.

Note. As late as April '78 the Falcon 4 ,Falcon 4 Junior, Falcon 3 Sport were being offered for sale. Identification of early F4s can be made by rounded bottom of A frame. Later models have knuckle joints.


Falcon 4. Leading edge 21 ft, nose angle 100 deg, root chord 14 ft 6 in, keel 16 ft in, billow 2.25 deg., sail area 200 sq ft, span of 32 ft 6 in, aspect ratio. 5.18.

Uk Catalogue of Hang Gliders : Manufacturers of 1977 : Gliders Made by Wasp : Falcon 4